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The project concerns the development of a new product in the form of an internationally innovative modular metal roofing tile integrated with photovoltaics (ETILE) for the production of electricity by prosumers, as part of R&D work. The sheet metal roofing tile planned for development is an innovation on a global scale and a breakthrough in the prosumer energy market, as confirmed by the opinion on innovation issued by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wroclaw University of Technology

ETILE will have significant competitive advantages over the best solutions currently on the world markets (ceramic roof tiles integrated with photovoltaic panels from ON, CENTROPOL SJ under the FOTTON brand and Heda Solar). Competitive advantages of the product planned for development occur at the level of key technical parameters

Value of the project: PLN 3,344,412.44
European Funds contribution: PLN 2,456,810.14

Measure 1.1: R&D projects of enterprises Sub-measure 1.1.1: Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises of the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020

The aim of the project is to carry out work that will result in the development of an innovative multi-modular roofing and façade covering with a mounting system based on a revolutionary photovoltaic composite panel. Glass is to be eliminated from the panel while preserving its characteristics – transmitting sunlight, and offsetting its disadvantages: poor strength, high weight and scattering of some of the radiation. The BSS system is expected to generate 9% more energy than traditional PV panels. The panel is expected to dissipate heat better than glass panels, so energy generation during summer periods will be more optimized.

Project value: PLN 9,997,720.59

Co-financing: 7,076,673.53 PLN

Competition Path for Mazovia

The project concerns the development of a new internationally innovative high-efficiency Concentrated Photovoltaics – EleWall modular photovoltaic façade, serving in addition to its standard purpose to produce electricity, and also to heat a building and/or water. The solution will meet the market demand of the construction industry, especially Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

EleWall will be an attractive alternative for developers and architects interested in installing traditional facades or traditional photovoltaic panels on office and multi-tenant buildings. The product will provide its customers with additional benefits – those looking for a façade covering will be guaranteed electricity generation and the ability to recover thermal energy for the building, while customers interested in electricity generation and thermal energy recovery will be guaranteed a modern façade covering. In addition, EleWall is characterized by its high efficiency and modular design, which will allow it to be quickly installed on any building, not just new ones, unlike facade panels available on the market.

Project value: PLN 5,970,492.50

European Funds contribution: PLN 4,204,169.00

Measure 1.1: R&D projects of enterprises Sub-measure 1.1.1: Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020.


The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axis III – Support for innovation in enterprises; Measure: 3.3.
Support for promotion and internationalisation of innovative enterprises, of the Operational Programme Intelligent
Development 2014-2020; Contract no: UG-PMT/3398/1N/2022-USA.

Electrotile Sp. z o.o. realizuje Projekt Polskie Mosty Technologiczne współfinansowany z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach III Osi priorytetowej Wsparcie innowacji w przedsiębiorstwach, Działanie: 3.3. Wsparcie promocji oraz internacjonalizacji innowacyjnych przedsiębiorstw Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020. PMT zostanie zrealizowany w latach 2018-2023.” Celem projektu jest wprowadzenie innowacyjnych rozwiązań fotowoltaicznych na rynek Stanów Zjednoczonych, skutkujące opracowaniem strategii i jej realizacja w ramach etapu zagranicznego.

W wyniku realizacji projektu nastąpi rozpoczęcie sprzedaży eksportowej produktów oferowanych przez przedsiębiorstwo Electrotile Sp. z o.o. na rynku docelowym. Całkowita wartość projektu: 150.000 PLN Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 150.000 PLN.