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Solar fences / balustrades / facades


eBlade is a multifunctional slat system that can be used to build parapet fences or blinds. Eblade offers unlimited configuration possibilities in length and width.

Awarded many times

eBlade is a product that has won several awards in international competitions. The jury appreciated the technological progress, the design and the aesthetics of the details.

Lighting integration

Each slat can be combined with an LED strip to create amazing lighting effects. Illuminate your property with eBLADE.

More energy Well-designed 2in1 Easy installation Awarded Flexible
Generate additional energy at fence,
windows and facade.
The perfect combination of
aluminium and glass
creates a unique effect.
Fences, balconies can generate
electricity thanks to the integrated
photovoltaic system.
The developed connection systems
allow easy installation anywhere.
The solution has received several
awards from the jury of
international competitions.
Suitable for office buildings,
houses, hotels and restaurants.

Building the energy turnaround

Make your building passive and use renewable energy sources to power it.

Air conditioning covers


French balcony

Fence system

Vertical shutters

Horizontal shutters

Wall lighting


Complete fencing examples

Technical data

  • Module dimensions - Unlimited

  • Building material - Aluminium

  • Height - depends on the structure of the building

  • Power - 60-120 W / m2

  • Profile cross-sections - 113x36/ 165/36 24/36

  • Coating - Powder coating

  • Lighting integration - Yes

  • Glass - Glass with high permeability

  • Cell type - MonoPerc

  • Power tolerance - 3 %

  • Angle of rotation of the slats - 0-135°

  • Integrated sockets - USB auxiliary sockets

  • Integrated battery - Yes

  • Modularity - Yes


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