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Electrotile is a manufacturer of advanced BIPV and smart home solutions for modern buildings. We have over 12 years of experience. During this time we have installed several thousand photovoltaic systems, which has allowed us to develop new products based on the real needs of our customers. Currently, our offer includes mainly products developed by us and manufactured in Europe, which combine environmental friendliness, refined technical solutions and design of the highest level. We strive to raise awareness of how useful it is to generate electricity from renewable energy and other climate-friendly energy sources. We believe this will have a huge positive impact on our environment in the long run.

On the market
0 years
Homes PV powered by our forces
In Research and development budget for PV innovation
Total energy produce
0 GWh
Electrotile establishes company
Electrotile Founded

The history of our company begins in 2009. Since then, we have been trying to spread and develop environmentally friendly solar energy. With every year that our company has been in business, we develop new innovations that help you make your home energy self-sufficient.

First R&D project for solar rooftile
Product development

We have spent a long time trying to make our solar tiles perfect. We have carried out many tests to ensure that this product will meet your expectations. We have not only made sure that they generate energy, but also that they look aesthetically pleasing and fit perfectly with the style of your building.

Standard instalations beginning
First 1.000 PV instalations

2018 was a very intense year for us. We started with standard installation and before we knew it, we had reached 1000 PV installations. Since then, the number of homes powered by our solar technology has grown significantly. By converting solar energy into electricity, our installations delivered up to 8.72 GWh of energy.

Winning first award
Good Design Award - product of the year

We also won our first award in 2018. We were awarded the Good Design Award in the Product of the Year category. For more than seven decades, the Chicago Athenaeum has organised this programme to create new awareness of contemporary design and to honour both products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing who have broken new ground and pushed the boundaries for competitive products in the global marketplace. To be among the winners is a great honour for us.

Winning the most iconic award in the field of Design
Reddot Design Award

The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design. It has been awarded since 1955 and is considered the benchmark for the highest class and quality. It is commonly said that every designer dreams of a red dot, just as every restaurateur dreams of a Michelin star. That is why we are very pleased that our tiles have been recognised for their visual lightness and awarded this prestigious title.

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About us

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