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Built-in photovoltaics


A modular metal roof tile with integrated photovoltaic modules developed by Electrotile. Timeless design and easy adaptation to almost all buildings.

Awarded many times

The solution has received several awards from the jury of international competitions.

Sky reflection, which
looks different every day.

Beautiful replacement for standard PV modules. They match your home and bring as much with energy as standard panels. They also cover full roof area for a charming aesthetic.

Efficient Well-designed 2in1 Easy installation Awarded Flexible
Heat conduction
The amazing thing about
reflective glass panes.
Solar-Panel &
Roof covering
Few cable connections and
a simple mounting system,
that roofers know.
Awarded by the
international juries
of many competitions.
Easy adaptation to
any roof, independent
of pitch angle.

You can use up to 100 % of the roof area

Small panels fit perfectly into the roof surface. Thanks to the photovoltaic-free glass modules, the roof can also be covered on the north side. Identical-looking panels on each side look like a coherent roof.

Technical data

Main dimensions

  • Dimensions – 1191 x 820 x 35 mm

  • Effective coverage - 1157 x 820 mm

  • Weight - 9.3 kg

  • Power - 90 W / 1 m2

  • Sheet steel

  • Coating - two-layer cover 50 μm

Roof types

  • Glass - Glass with high permeability

  • Cell type - MonoPerc

  • Junction box - IP68, MC4 connector

  • Terminal box - IP68, MC4 connection

  • Cable - 1 m long

  • Minimum roof pitch - 12 %


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