eTILE types


eTile Retro

The diamond-shaped tile is perfect for historic buildings. It fits perfectly with tenement houses, but it also can be used in modern, stylized architecture.


eTile Classic

The most popular eTile model that fits perfectly into any type of building. Small modules easily fit into any roof, leaving a classic look.


eTile Flat

The latest electrotile product is a combination of a traditional standing seam tile and a photovoltaic panel. The minimalist design is perfect for modern architecture.

0 kg
save CO2 / year
Technical Data
Module dimensions 1191x820mm
Back tile sheet 0.5mm metal with highly durable coating
Weight 9.3kg
Glass High Transmittance Glass 4mm
Junction box IP68,1 Bypass-Diode
Connector Compatible with MC4 plug
Cells 32 pieces of mono PERC cells
Peak performance 88W
Current Imppt 4.1 A
Tolerance 5%
Module efficiency 22.1 V
Max voltage 17.28 V
Working conditions
Max system voltage 1000V
Series fuse rating 10A
Mechanical load 5400Pa
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Aplication class A

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